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Yes, POF is a government organization operating under the Defence Production Division in Pakistan's Ministry of Defence.
Prime mission of POF is to support armed forces of Pakistan. The surplus capacity is utilized for exporting its products to various countries in Asia and the Far East, Africa and the Middle East, North America, the Central Asian States and Europe.
POF is an organization of International repute and is committed to follow the International agreements and norms of business in letter and spirit. Exports are made only after the client submits the End User Certificate (EUC), which is got verified for its authenticity from the Mission of the purchasing country in Pakistan certifying that the material is for a specific region/country and that it shall not be re-exported. Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs authenticates this EUC after proper scrutiny to ensure that the store is not meant for a country under UN embargo for sale of military hardware and that its export is valid under International Agreements to which Pakistan is a signatory. No Export Permit is ever issued to POF without such scrutiny.
Today all the fourteen factories of POF are ISO-9001 certified. In POF we follow a multi tier inspection regime. There is a Central Quality Assurance Organization, which is independent of the factory management. This central organization has its own permanent Works Inspection Departments in each factory. All materials are inspected according to specifications before arrival in the Factories. The Works Inspection Department carries out thorough and continuous in-process inspection. Over and above all this, the Armed Forces have their own independent full time resident Inspectors who apply rigorous inspection procedures both during production in the factories and also at final proofing which is conducted at their own Proof Ranges. This system of inspection and our own commitment to quality always ensure conformance to International Standards.
Yes. POF is open for joint venture with any reputed industry around the globe. We entered into a joint venture with the Royal Ordnance Factories, UK in 1951 and set up the first plant for production of .303 ammunition and the corresponding weapons. Later M/s Heckler &Koch and M/s Rheinmetal of Germany set up Small Arms production facilities for 7.62 Calibre Ammunitions to NATO Standards. This was followed by many other joint ventures with China and Czechoslovakia. POF has an excellent joint venture with M/s SAAB of Sweden for the production of commercial explosives such as dynamite etc.
Prices or our products compare very favourably with the international prices. Our clients know us by our competitiveness in prices and our commitment to quality. The fact that we have been exporting our products to over thirty countries around the world should be an ample proof of the correctness of our claims.
We receive export enquiries and orders through Pakistan's Diplomatic Missions and our export agents in certain countries. We also receive tender enquiries direct from different Governments and their Procurement Directorates. POF would welcome companies with relevant business potentials to come forward and join us as our export agents.
You can obtain the literature on POF's export products by calling on the Pakistani Mission or the Defence Attach's office if it is in the cities where you are residing. Alternatively you may send us your particulars and mailing address and we shall be glad to send you the required literature. However if you wish to receive our products list and the specific information on any item, you may send your enquiry via E-mail at secy@pof.gov.pk