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Welcome to POF Clothing Factory


POF Clothing factory has the distinction of having the highest no of Quality Certificates. The factory is equipped with latest Stitching and Cutting machines, experienced management and manpower with an average skill of 15 years. The factory has potentials in term of production capacity and modern equipment and latest techniques. Clothing factory is the only capable unit in Pakistan where all the solutions are available under one roof.

Personal Load Carrying Equipment

The purpose of PLCE is to hold everything a soldier carries and needs to op for 48 hrs. It is designed to facilitate military solider and LEAs troops by providing added individual protection and safety in demanding sit of peace and war.

  • The equipment is easy to adopt and helps troops in carrying combat load without compromising operation efficiency.
  • The equipment is compatible to the operational/logistic requirements of Regular/CAF troops.
  • The user trials have proved its battle worthiness during tac operations / training due to comfort factor and ops aspects.
  • The equipment is equally good for all types of weather conditions i.e. operations/training in HA, Deserts, Mountains, Jungles and other areas.

Contact Us

Actg. General Manager

POF-Clothing Factory,
Wah-cantt Pakistan.

Col. Anjum
Tel: +92 51 9314100
Fax: +92 51 9271400
Email: clothingfy@yahoo.com


To become a world leading Apparel and Garment manufacturing Company.

To meet the garment requirements of Defense Forces.

To utilize the surplus capacity for Commercial and Export Orders.

To maintain quality standards and to achieve high quality products for customer satisfaction.